Opilio (ōpiliō, Latin for "shepherd"), was founded in 2023, with a vision to help companies harness the value of structural biology efficiently and economically.

Structural biology powerfully provides concrete visuals: how a small molecule engages its protein target, how an antibody binds its cognate antigen, how biomolecular complexes assemble. These pictures can stimulate scientific creativity, support confident decision making, and fast-track projects.

Opilio's founder, Jeremiah Joseph, has 23 years of post-PhD experience, spanning structural biology, protein science, in vitro pharmacology, and management (people/data/projects/CROs) - all this acquired in pharma, biotech, and academia.

Opilio offers his on-demand expertise to manage and enable in-house and outsourced projects on a fractional FTE basis: a cost-effective, win-win arrangement that keeps critical IP closer to home.


• Design structure projects for experimental success

• Incorporate wider scientific context & goals of project team

• Leverage broad drug discovery experience

• Provide scientific & strategic value



• Manage in-house & outsourced gene-to-structure projects

• Handle CRO interactions: expert point of contact between project team & CRO

• Troubleshoot all steps from construct design to data collection

• Enable progress with hands-on structure data analysis (processing, solution, refinement)



• Solve & refine X-ray & CryoEM structures

• Communicate results with holistic project context

• Limit external exposure of critical IP (identity of protein targets & ligands)

• Provide efficient & economical service through fractional FTE model